FLO 025 - Valley from the Postcards

We are here in a stunningly beautiful alpine valley north of Slovenia, where the major economy is tourism.

However, besides focusing on attracting visitors, locals are also highly committed to protecting and improving their environment for themselves and for the generations to come.

There are plenty of great examples in this region, but one stands out when it comes to sustainable business: Ana Roš who became the world's best female chef of 2017.

Ana's restaurant, Hiša Franko is most famous for applying the "1 kilometer" rule, sourcing its produce within walking distance. An outstanding example of sustainability, business and profitability going hand in hand.


Sustainable and organic farming are two different things and we need to know how to differentiate between them. Organic farming is encouraged by different official certificates, while sustainable farming is an unofficial naming for treating the environment with care during the whole process of agricultural activities. Here you can read more about this:

In the 21st century more than 2/3 of mankind will live in urban areas, cut away from nature for good. However, as life gets harder and more expensive in cities, more and more people realize that moving out from these areas and starting a sustainable life in harmony with nature is really worth the change.

Here are a few websites you can look into study if you’re considering the same. You can learn tips and tricks, as well as complete strategies on permaculture farming and sustainable living. To further help these organizations, please donate to them so they can continue gathering and sharing the knowledge: