022 - Earthquake Aftermath

In 2016 a severe series of earthquakes tore down a whole region on the Marche-Umbria border.

Thousand-year-old magnificent villages and small towns were utterly destroyed. This particular and most admired rural Italian scenery completely vanished.

Tens of thousands were evicted from their homes in the disaster and now live in mobile container homes scattered around these hills, awaiting rehousing .

Although these historical villages cannot be restored to what they were, huge restoration works are currently taking place.


An earthquake usually hits unexpedly, and if it happens in densely populated areas, damage is indescribable. People lose their homes overnight and are forced to live in shelter-tents, sometimes for many years.

Umbria and Marche in Italy are far too often devastated by earthquakes. The last one that hit on August 24th, 2016 destroyed whole medieval towns there - beautiful towns that will never exist again in their authentic form.

People die in earthquakes and the ones who don't, are in serious need of food, clothing ad shelter immediately. Organizations such as Red Cross, OXFAM, Doctors Without Borders, REACT, Care or WHO are providing a wide range of support immediately after disasters strike.

Here's a list of relief NGO's you should be aware of:

Please get familiar with these organizations and if you can, donate to them or support their work in any way!