021 - Swing On The Beach

We have bumped into this simple wooden swing on a small 'Robinson Crusoe' islet while exploring the surrounding waters at early dawn. We couldn't believe such harmonic beauty can exist.

A unique spot on Earth like this really deserves to be visited and explored, one might think... Well, yes and no.

Yes, it is everyone's right to come and enjoy the chilling atmosphere in this remote and breathtaking corner of the planet. But our advise is to come early, before dawn arrives and masses of tourists turn this place into a crowded riviera.

Please leave no trash and traces behind! Honour these places not only as home for many, but as humanity's common treasure.


Though the Phang-Nga Bay between Krabi and Phuket is a spectacular area with tiny pearl-like islets and hidden beaches, mass tourism has taken over a long time ago, with all its downsides. Look for paradise and sustainability together a bit further away, and don't ache for McDonald's and Starbucks, but be happy with the local market, fruit juice and the small cafés instead.

Mass tourism produces mass debris everywhere. As ocean currents flow, there are specially endangered corners in the world where debris coming from even other continents pile up in unsustainable amounts. If anything, this is truly a global issue. 'Dive Against Debris' is a fantastic project calling all divers to bring up any debris they encounter. Check out their site:

If you're not a diver but wish to help their work, please donate here:

If you're observing endangered marine and aquatic life from a broader view, we recommend looking into the 'Mission Blue' Alliance, an umbrella for many organizations devoted for the protection of marine life. Also, they have initiated the 'Hope Spots' reservation network of endangered locations connected organically to the seas:

You can donate money to them here: