017 - Mossy Cloud Forest

Only 1% of global woodland consists of cloud forests that provide habitats for many species found only there. Moisture arrives here in the form of oceanic fog which condenses on the foliage and then drips onto the ground.

Since the 1970s 1.1 percent of cloud forests have been lost each year due to lumbering and climate change. In Colombia for example, only a mere 10% of its original flora remains.

Predicted climate change effects in some areas will result in severe loss of cloud forests and their fauna. Just in Mexico alone it would lead to the extinction of up to 37 vertebrates specific to the region..


The Cloud Forest Conservation Initative has an active, ongoing fundraising campaign to save the ancient, primeval Cerro El Amay cloud forest in Guatemala from Clear Cutting.

Visit the fundraising site and give them a hand:

Cerro Chucantí, also called “sky island” in eastern Panama, rises from sea level to 4,721 feet sustaining a diverse cloud forest is under significant threat from slash and burn activities, logging and cattle ranching. Together with local partners Rainforest Trust aims to create a broader government designated protected area.

Please check out their work, and also learn how to help the Rainforest Trust here:

You can learn more about cloud forests and endangered species living in such areas on Saving Species' website here: