015 - Beautiful Gardens 1

The fundamental approach on how to build a garden in the western world in contrast to the far east differs vastly. While in the past 500 years western botanical gardens have mainly been designed as a scientific display to collect and preserve exotic or rare plants, oriental gardens are carefully designed havens for the main purpose of meditation, restoring the natural landscape using indigenous flora. In the last century many European and American gardens were built specifically in oriental - or japanese - styles once people understood the philosophy behind them. In a world where 68% of evaluated plants are threatened with extinction, man made gardens not only serve to protect the flora which does remain, they also highlight a beautiful side of humanity.


Gardens are displays of plants. They are reminders of the importance of protecting nature's diversity and maintaining the balance between humans and their natural environment. Plants provide oxygen and therefore maintain life itself on Earth. Diversity and natural balance is crucial - once this sensitive balance is upset, a chain reaction is set in motion: species whose life depend on each other can disappear, triggering mass extinctions. Sadly, it is happening way too often nowadays. Massive deforestation and industrial agriculture driven by profit above all are the main cause of these extinctions. Planting trees and plants, creating public gardens and parks in urban areas is a very important task. Thankfully there are many organisations working very hard to maintain nature's balance. Earth Day is coming on April 21st, so please learn more about what you can do! Even a dollar or two can make a difference, so please join to help these NGOs: One Tree Planted organises actions in the US:

The Nature Conservancy runs the "Plant a Billion Trees" program. No matter where you live you should join to help where it's most needed: in Amazonia and Brazil:

International Tree Foundation has worldwide programs. You can help them here:

Euronatur is operating in Europe, protecting forest and wildlife across the continent. Check them out: