005 - Metropolitan Wildlife Haven

St James's Park is a precious haven for wildlife, right in the heart of the city.

One of it’s key habitats is the beautiful lake, created in its current form in the 1820’s by King George IV. It is home to a wide range of bird life which includes a resident colony of pelicans, donated by a Russian ambassador in 1664 to King Charles II. It has two islands - Duck Island and West Island - which serve as refuges and nesting sites for the birds.

The horticultural displays at St James’s Park are also significant in terms of size, location and national reputation. The planted displays in front of Buckingham Palace - The Queen’s Gardens - are admired world-wide through televised Royal and National events.


The 'London Environmental Network' (LEN) is a good starting point if you want to look deeper into the "green issue" in London. LEN collects dozens of organisations working to make London greener, so browsing through their list of partners will lead you to groups that fit your specific interest:

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The 'London Wildlife Trust' is specifically working to protect wildlife and nature in London, helping this great old city to maintain its natural habitat

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