002 - Endangered Venice

The waterways of beautiful Venice are its iconic landmark. Boats are an everyday means of transportation here.

Unfortunately the very presence of the sea poses an ultimate threat to the city. As the climate heats up and the polar ice melts - the sea level is rising, endangering the city’s very existence.

In the framework of the MOSE project, a set of mobile tidal gates have been built to protect Venice and the lagoon from tides of up to 3 metres. This will hold for now, but if we don’t want to see this miraculous place disappear, we must consciously deal with today’s climate issues.


If you're a major influencer, learn more about the MOSE Project, get in touch with the organization and start making a difference! You can raise funds or further awareness, or you can directly help the tidal gates to be built.

Check out the project's website here:

If you're an ordinary citizen caring about the fate of Venice, check out this cool NGO called "We Are Here Venice". They are doing awesome protective work for the area. Here's their website:

Also, if you're ready to donate to them, you can do it here.

If you're more into Venetian art and cultural heritage, this organization is highly recommended for you to check out:

They are a New York and Venice based nonprofit organization collecting donations to reserve and restore the art and architecture of Venice.

You can donate here.