001 - Elephant Shelters

Among the 33 mammals in danger of extinction in Thailand, are tigers, leopards, and elephants.

Out of all of these , the elephant’s plight is particularly heart-wrenching.

Once revered as a creature of great spiritual significance, and they still are in some places; the few thousand that remain, spend their time either entertaining tourists at elephant camps or searching for food in a shrinking forest.

Elephant Shelters are among the last safe sanctuaries for these gentle giants and ensure they can live a life free of suffering and exploitation.


There are a few sanctuaries around Chiang Mai and East-Asia. You can feed your interest looking into these websites:

If you're ready to donate, you can do it here or here.

If you want to know more about the global plight of the elephants, check out the 'Elephant Crisis Fund' founded by the 'Save The Elephants' organisation and 'The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation':

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