"Buddha" is a title that means "The awakened one". Buddha's real name was Siddhartha Gautama and came from a Hindu family.

The major difference between the two religions is that Hinduism is clearly a theistic religion, whereas Buddhism is mostly non-theistic. This means Buddhism is basically about B...

A. A. Milne - Water Lilies

" Where the water-lilies go

To and fro,

Rocking in the ripples of the water,

Lazy on a leaf lies the Lake King's daugher,

And the faint winds shake her.

Who will come and take her?

I will! I will!

Keep still! Keep still!

Sleeping on a leaf lies the Lake King's d...

The view of blue sea is calming and inspirational for man. It always has been. Sea has been providing us with resources since the dawn of man.

The majority of Earth's population has always been living by the seas. Our relationship to the big water is symbiotic.

If you take a look at the bottom of thi...

Heng Siok Tian - My City, My Canvas

Is my canvas a surrealscape of a slim city

slowly coated with melting cheese

where there are clowns with broken legs,

jugglers balancing on shaky stakes,

children spinning on top of whales

growing up to be adults with briefcases

on top of flying clocks?

I want to...

We are here in a stunningly beautiful alpine valley north of Slovenia, where the major economy is tourism.

However, besides focusing on attracting visitors, locals are also highly committed to protecting and improving their environment for themselves and for the generations to come. 

There are pl...

Some parts of this planet are just indescribable. The Andaman Sea with its small standing rocky islands topped with lush tropical greenery makes you want to leave your life behind and stay here forever.

Behind the beauty however there are several concerns to keep in mind.

Hordes of tourists - this mea...

The way of life in small cities with cultural heritage is probably the most suitable life for us. When visiting small historical towns, haven't all city people felt that:

"Yes, this is nice! I could easily live here!"

That feeling is because we have a biological optimum for how many people we feel com...

In 2016 a severe series of earthquakes tore down a whole region on the Marche-Umbria border. 

Thousand-year-old magnificent villages and small towns were utterly destroyed. This particular and most admired rural Italian scenery completely vanished.

Tens of thousands were evicted from their homes in th...

We have bumped into this simple wooden swing on a small 'Robinson Crusoe' islet while exploring the surrounding waters at early dawn. We couldn't believe such harmonic beauty can exist.

A unique spot on Earth like this really deserves to be visited and explored, one might think... Well, yes and no. 


Keeping our freshwater lakes healthy and alive is one of the major ecological challenges of our time.

Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe had suffered both from agricultural industrialisation and commercial fishing to the extent of a massive decrease of native species and a water quality...

Clouds emerge and descend as these giant obstacles play their games with them. Rising and cooling air can contain much less water, so molecular water droplets condense around tiny dust particles - we see this phenomenom as clouds.

If these droplets become big enough, gravity pulls them down: it start...

Legend says that having enough of all the hatred and wars in the world the God Saturnus created this thermal spring with the strike of a thunderbolt to bring peace to mankind.

Melt into these hot pools of natural springwater and let everyday concerns dissolve. Maybe it’s a good starting point from...

Only 1% of global woodland consists of cloud forests that provide habitats for many species found only there. Moisture arrives here in the form of oceanic fog which condenses on the foliage and then drips onto the ground.

Since the 1970s 1.1 percent of cloud forests have been lost each year due to lu...

91 small stupas or as locals call them, “chedis” stand here, among which the four largest are burial monuments of the first four Chakri kings that built Wat Pho.

Today these stupas are used in rememberance and for meditation.

Buddhists don’t pray in the Christian sense, but try to empty their minds j...

The fundamental approach on how to build a garden in the western world in contrast to the far east differs vastly.

While in the past 500 years western botanical gardens have mainly been designed as a scientific display to collect and preserve exotic or rare plants,
oriental gardens are carefully de...

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